Suggestions for knowing the meaning of your dreams

Escrito por Rosa Anwandter
  • Keep a diary of dreams.
  • When you wake up, remain some minutes peacefully and try to replay all the scenes of your dreaming.
  • Write down everything you remember, even if it seems preposterous or insignificant.
  • Try to decipher it some hours or days later.
  • The fact of sleeping regularly the hours that you need, it will help you to remember your dreams.
  • If it is possible, do some drawing of something that you find important.
  • Put a headline to your dream, like if it were a movie.
  • Read about the topic dreaming. Go in search of well-known writers. The dictionaries about dreaming not always are a good help.
  • If you have difficulties for evoking them, ask yourself why and what for do you want to remember your dreams.
  • There are many dream categories.
  • Premonitory dreams, those ones we dream and later become a reality in our waking life, generally are not related to negative events, rather to daily affairs.
  • Speak with other persons about the dreams.

To obtain a self-knowledge through dreaming is a task that any person can take. The only and necessary requisite is a dedication for writing down on a daily basis. The self-knowledge obtained by dreaming does not replace psychoanalysis or any psychotherapy Dreams are a powerful tool in psychoanalysis and in psychotherapies; however, the role of a psychoanalyst or a psychologist is not to teach the meaning of dreams, except in the case that some of these professionals specifically give a course about the topic. Finally, attend to a dream sharing group Find out about the competency of the person in charge of the group.

Questions and answers
What does it mean to dream, from time to time, with something that later happens?
This type of premonitory dream is frequent and it is not necessarily related to foresee dramatic events.
Why don’t I remember my dreams?
Due to various reasons persons forget their dreams. However, there are some techniques to remember them.
What happens to me?

I have a dream, that has been going on and on for years. The recurrent dreams come back when we have some problem in our waking life and we haven’t found a solution to it. My 3 year-old daughter, wakes up crying very early in the morning. We suppose she is dreaming, but she says she remembers nothing.

Probably your daughter is experiencing what it is known as “night terror”. Sometimes this is quite standard in children of her age. If these events are prolonged in time, is advisable to visit a physician.

Has it any importance that my dreams are so colourful?
The colours, like other elements in a dream, are important.
What does it mean dreaming being the bride of a movie star?
In my waking life I don’t have a boyfriend. This is a compensatory dream. When we have some lack in our waking life, the dream gives us what we yearn. Sometimes, I realize I am dreaming. In lucid dreams the person knows he (she) is dreaming.
To work with dreams could replace psychotherapy?

No. To work with dreaming, neither replaces any psychological treatment nor the psychoanalysis. However, sharing dreams in a group, where the dreamer feels confident, is quite therapeutic.


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