Encounter with your dreams

Escrito por Rosa Anwandter
Dream Encounter

In this website you will find, all the answers to your dreams. You will realize everything that happens in your nocturnal life has a reason and a logic, despite the way these mysterious images come to us, very far from coherence. The truth is our culture, by historical reasons, does not give major significance to dreams. When we are children, we are taught to take control of our bodies, but it is very uncommon being asked ¿what did you dream last night? We grow up in total ignorance respect dreams. This tendency is starting to change and all over the world there is an ever-growing movement in search of knowledge and information about dreams. Currently, there is a surge of groups and workshops dedicated to dreams, everywhere. Nowadays, dreams are gaining a widespread popularity and the number of people interested in taking this existing road that is within us, to have a better insight of ourselves is increasing. My enormous interest in dreams has been with me for many years. With perseverance and discipline - qualities that I didn’t have before I became interested in dreams - I have been writing every dream I experience. Until now I have more than two thouthands dreams written on several copybooks. When I travel I carry a small agenda. During all the years I have been immersed in this fascinating task, I have the privilege of seen how hundreds of people had grown, and, as a teacher, I have taught other ones as well, to use their dreams as a tool for self-knowledge. It is an important fulfilment for CEO to have witnessed the birth of many groups dedicated to dreams; a radio program, courses, workshops in a public school, as well as in colleges and in some neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile. I am convinced everything in nature has a reason of existence, nothing happens, or it is inside our bodies, just by chance. Therefore, dreams have a specific function; and it is to show the dreamer the emotional situation in waking life. On the other hand, when we fall asleep, our mind continues functioning, because feelings and emotions are with us 24 hours a day, we continue experiencing these complex processes full of images, in a language that despite we don’t understand much, we intuitively know the potential importance of it. Then we say: “last night I had a very strange dream, What would be the meaning?” When we dream, we pour out what we carry in our inner self, despite most of the time we ignore that during our waking life. For instance, in a dream, some years ago, I dreamt about my mother’s death. About a month later, my mother passed away. At that moment the dream was preparing me for what I was going to face in the near future. Despite the sadness involved in this fact, I assumed the situation with decision and courage. When we are dreaming we become much more sensitive to other conscience levels and this is the reality that prepare us to resolve the enigmas hidden in ourselves. The dreams are very close related to our daily lives, here and now. The dreams always are the carriers of wise messages. Sometimes they show us our deficiencies, which are not always detected during the course of our normal conscious lives. We have a certain tendency to detect our personal faults in the other ones and we say, “I don’t like that person because he or she has such or such defect”. As a matter of fact, the fault we assign to others is ours, and we don’t like at all if somebody very brave tell us such thing, “Me, that fault? Oh, no!!” We say. However, during our dreams they clearly appear in persons we don’t like at all. Then we think: “Why do I dream with this person? I have nothing to do with him (her)!” But, the truth is that we have these “negative qualities”, as Jung used to say. Is within us the power to change, because is impossible to change anybodyelse. To know the meaning of our dreams help us find the adequate solution to our problems. In other occasions they warn us, so we become more careful with our health, for instance. Besides dreams give us an authentic portrait of the people around us. Another advantage obtained of knowing what is happening to us, emotionally, is the acquisition of a new vital energy. It is obvious that getting to understand what is happening to us and the true intention of the people around us, first, we must learn to understand the meaning of our dreams. With the evolution of science, human beings are, yet again, taking advantage of all the information provided by dreams. Currently, with all the resources that are available, we are in conditions to do work daily with our dreams. Any person can do it. Ask yourself, if in primitive societies the individuals could get guidance from their dreams, why not you? The dream analysis, or the interpretation of dreams, as it was called in the past, is based in a gathered knowledge through thousand of years. The human being has always showed a tendency to strive for an emotional well being and the evolution of it. Then, it is here where comes up the interest to know the meaning of dreams. Mankind has always known that the solution to many of the mysteries of our lives is on dreams. The dream analysis gives us independence or an emotional autonomy. We do not depend of anybody or anything for being able to obtain answers to our doubts. The answers to our questions come to us every night. Obviously, we have to learn to understand this old new language to be able to comprehend the messages. Another advantage of knowing the meaning of our dreams is when we acquire the emotional autonomy, we start to grow up as human beings in a very astonishing way. We will learn what is happening with our lives, how are our relationships with our couple, parents, children, our friends, co-workers or study mates, etc. To summarize, dreams are a nocturnal chronicle we receive every night from our unconscious, to inform us how our life is going. From the moment we are able to understand the message of our dreams, we are prepared to become better persons for ourselves, others, and so for society. Welcome to this encounter with your dreams!


About the author


Rosa Anwandter

Analista junguiana, escritora, conferencista, directora del Centro de Estudios Oníricos de Chile, www.ceoniric.cl autora de los libros “Los Sueños el Espejo del Alma”, “El Poder Mágico de los Sueños” y co-autora junto al Dr.Stanley Krippner de “El Lenguaje de la Noche”. "Sueños en la Noche del tiempo".