Dream analysis

Escrito por Rosa Anwandter

The dream analysis is about a dream analyst, who could be any competent professional trained in this matter, who teaches a person, through different approachs, to be able to interpret his (her) own dreams. The analyst will render some guidance to the person respect his (her) dreams. The analyst analyses and it is the dreamer who must find the answers to his (her) questions. Nobody else has the right to analyse dreams that don’t belong to him (her). The most important step and the hardest one, for becoming successful in knowing the meaning of our dreams, is to write them down, daily, putting their respective dates. It is necessary to write everything you remember, even though if they are only details that look very insignificant. For example, if you dreamt you were in a house ¿How was that house? Was it modern, old, what kind of material it was made of? What colour had the walls? Was it big, small? Was it a light or a dark house? Was there some furniture? What kind of furniture? Then, depending of the method used, you will go deeper until arriving to the exact meaning. Then, comes the big dilemma, how will I know the meaning of this pile of nonsensical and illogic things? The incredible factor about dream analysis is that one person arrives up to the point of knowing the meaning just by intuition. Knowing the meaning give us an agreeable sensation of joy and well-being. We have been in contact with one part unknown of ourselves until now. This process will be repeated whenever you analyse or make an interpretation of every dream. The analysis or the work with dreams is something relatively easy to learn, if in primitive societies people can do it, why not us? Every image shows us phases, feelings, longings and emotions, previously unknown by us. It is a constant revelation to receive this nocturnal report of our every day life.

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Rosa Anwandter

Analista junguiana, escritora, conferencista, directora del Centro de Estudios Oníricos de Chile, www.ceoniric.cl autora de los libros “Los Sueños el Espejo del Alma”, “El Poder Mágico de los Sueños” y co-autora junto al Dr.Stanley Krippner de “El Lenguaje de la Noche”. "Sueños en la Noche del tiempo".