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Sleep Monsters and Superheroes

Escrito por Rosa Anwandter

Sleep Monsters and Superheroes

               Empowering Children through   Creative Dreamplay

                   Claire R. Johnson and Jean M. Campbell Editors

  • Review Editors Johnson and Campbell had the wisdom to select a collection of topics about children dreams and sleep disorders as well. We can read fascinating chapters written by well-known dreams researchers, as Patricia Garfield, Kelly Bulkeley, Jane Gackebach, Claire Johnson,  Jean Campbell,  et alt,. Certainly, Sleep Monsters and Superheroes will improve the vision of its readers –youngsters and adults -about the inner world of children.  This book is also a journey to our own childhood. In fact, after I started reading I found myself immersing into children´s dreamland, eagerly. I highly recommend this book to parents and everyone interested in self-knowledge and personal growth. Sleep Monsters and Superheroes is a wide -ranging guide to understand children dreams.
+Rosa Anwandter